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Step and Repeat Banner

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Looking for Step and Repeat Banner printing in Chicago with fast turnaround and delivery available?


Step and Repeat Banner, also called photo backdrop is a banner which is used as the photo background for taking photos at special events. Most of the time is contains the logos of the sponsors of the event or a specific image which will promote that event.
All the photos taken at that event in front of this backdrop will advertise the the event or the companies producing the event, on the internet when posted on social media websites or printed.
The step and repeat banners are the perfect solution for temporary events because are free standing and don’t need installation or a special hardware to be installed on the wall or hang front the ceiling. The stand for this kind of banners consist of two vertical legs and 2 horizontal poles. The banner is created with two pole pockets, one on top and one on the bottom. The horizontal poles of the backdrop will be inserted through these pole pockets and will sustain the banner on the stand.

A step and repeat banner is printed on a matte material. It has hems on the vertical edges. Possible materials for the step and repeat backdrops are: 13oz matte vinyl or wrinkle-free 9oz fabric. Because of the light produce a lot of glare on the glossy materials, a matte material is used to print these pull-up banners to eliminate the glare and improve the visibility. When used with free-stand provided, the step and repeat banners are designed to be used indoor only. This kind of backdrops can be used outside but they have to be installed on very sturdy structures, so the wind will not affect them. For outdoor use in windy condition wind pockets or wind sleeves are recommended.

The stands for these kind of displays are made of metal. The stands we stock extends from 48″(H) x 48″(W) to 96″(H) x 96″(W) or 48″(H) x 48″(W) to 120″(H) x 120″(W). The stand will fit in a carrying bag when disassembled. Each stand comes with a heavy duty carrying bag.

Step And Repeat / Red Carpet Backdrop / Event Photo Backdrop
These kind of displays consist of a banner 8′(H)x5′(W) or larger and the design of it is composed from the logos of the event organisers or sponsors.

The material used for printing is an ultra-smooth, blockout vinyl with matte, non-glare finish.
Chicago Printing Center stocks large format stands extendable up to 8’x8′.

The most common sizes are:
8′(H)x5′(W) – can accommodate up to 2 persons,
8′(H)x8′(W) – can accommodate up to 5 persons,
8′(H)x12′(W) – can accommodate up to 8 persons,
8′(H)x16′(W) – can accommodate up to 12 persons or more.

The most used size is 8′(H)x8′(W).

Turnaround time:

  • Step and Repeat backdrop printed on matte vinyl – 1 Business Day
  • Step and Repeat backdrop printed on wrinkle free fabric – 5 Business Day
  • Rush Order for Step and Repeat backdrop printed on wrinkle free fabric – 3 Business Day +$35 per banner


Product Details

Types of Displays:

Print Resolution:
We print at 1080dpi in full-color (CMYK) process. For special requests, we can print at 1440 dpi resolution.

indoor hi-quality solvent-based inks

double hemms on the vertical sides, pole pockets created on the top and bottom sides

Banners displays
In-store displays
Indoor displays
Exhibition booth decoration

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