Mesh Banner

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Cover an entire building with your advertising made of a mesh banner. We can design it and print it at any size.


Product Information

Printing Resolution for the mesh banner:
We print vinyl mesh banners (billboards) at 360×360 dpi in full-color (CMYK) process.
For prints up to 5 feet (60 in) wide the print resolution is 720 dpi.

our inks are made with automotive-grade pigments designed to resist fading for 2 years.

Vinyl Characteristics:
9oz. flex mesh with 1000 denier 12×12 knit PVC coated material. Semi-gloss finish; Anti-UV and Flame retardant; Designed to withstand temperatures as low as minus 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Double Hemms all 4 sides, We place grommets every 1’to 2′ for easy installation

Building wraps and scaffolding covers
Large-format billboards
Banners displays, Concerts and outdoor venues
Building murals and in-store displays
Both indoor and outdoor displays
Exhibition booth decoration


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