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$1.00 / square foot

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Lamination service for printings in Chicago Illinois with fast turnaround and delivery available! 312-834-7524

Clear lamination film will adhere to most ink lay downs. Clear is popular with schools and copy shops because it works great on a variety of substances. Clear gives your document a glass-like appearance.

Matte lamination film is a high-quality and has a glare free finish. Matte has a slightly granular texture that is frosted to reduce glare. Matte will work with pencil, pen, and marker.

UV is Clear with the added benefits of UV protection. Prints last up to 5 times longer when UV is used to laminate them.

Pressure sensitive lamination film does not require heat. Lamination film is applied by an adhesive rather than a hot glue. Great for use with temperature sensitive products and ink.

Foam board lamination with termal sensitive paper or pressure sensitive paper

Product Information:

Lamination film characteristics:
clear film
matte film
foam board.

In-store displays
Outdoor displays
Exhibition booth decoration

This price is an estimate, the final price of the lamination may differ depending on the finishing options and exact measurements

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