At Chicago Printing Center we manufacture car wraps, vehicle graphics, signs, letters for cars, trucks and other wrap for any car, motorcycle, truck or vehicle, from the best materials available. We use color change vinyl from arlon, 3M or avery in order to get the best solution for our customers.

          The installation process is handled by our profesionall installers with years of experience behind them. Our car wrap shop will acommodate cars wrap, vans wrap, pick up trucks wrap and motorcycles wrap.

          For big rigs instalations we will go to customor adress where we will install the signs or graphics as we will in our own shop.

          Depending on your car, vehicle, truck or motorcycle the price for the wrap can vary, but we can asure you we have the lowest cost at the highest quality in Chicago, Chicagoland and Illinois. Just give us a call at 312-834-7524 and we will make you a free estimate for the car wrap price. Depending on the job size the car wrap or truck wrap or motorcycle wrap or any vehicle wrap the wrapping process can take from one day to a week.

          For laminated graphics our preparation will take 2 business days and the instalation will be completed once the lamination is done.

          For a full color car wrap the customer will have the car in our shop for about 3 days. Full color change wrap for cars will make your car look like new without the hassle of painting and, with the multitude of collors available, your car will look like no other on the road.

          Color change vinyl car wrap is a great alternative to get if the dealer does not have the car color you need and you dont want to wait.

          The letters for vehicle graphics are cut on computer controlled Summa cutters that will make them look proffesional each and every time leaving no place for errors. Once the graphics are done they are inspected by our team and verified by the customers before they are installed on the vehicle.

          We stand by the waranty for our job and we also have behind us the manufacture warranty.

          The car wrap or vehicle graphics can have a life for up to 7 years, but they can look great if the customer will take care of them and use the right tools for cleaning and maintenance.

          Call us at 312-834-7524 to Get a Free Instant Quote and Get the best price!